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Admission Assessment Form

Personal Information
Applicant's Contact Information
English Scores (IELTS)
Program Information
Emergency Contact

Cannot be agent information. Overseas emergency contact is acceptable

Agency Information

If applying through a registered agent of Cambrian College or of Cambrian @ Hanson International Academy

Student Consent
Student Identification Agent Authorization : this form must be filled out at the time of application authorizing the student to be represented by an agent. Students who do not authorize agent representation will not be eligible as an agent claim. Agents who claim students who have not authorized their representation will not be paid commission. Students who “shift” agents must sign a new authorization letter and ensure their previous agent is notified and have initialized the form below. Section One: Student Identification

Section Two: Previous Academic History Only for students who are on Study Permit

Section Three: Authorization Acknowledgement
The application fee is non-refundable